Social Entrepreneur, Ever Since the Beginning

Groupe AFFI Logistique is specialized in logistics outsourcing, counting on close to 500 employees in five locations, in the Montreal and Quebec regions. Committed to society and our clients, we are a proud and performant adapted enterprise.

Founded in 1971, our company has been integrating people living with disabilities for the last 45 years.

Our history is tightly linked with the evolution of handicapped people’s rights in Quebec


A decisive meeting between Roger Jauvin, Rehabilitation Services Manager for Hôpital Mont-Providence, and businessman André Chagnon.


In order to increase the life quality for handicapped people via workforce integration, Mr. Chagnon entrusts the fabrication of 50 000 Christmas Stockings to the hospital’s residents. In order to do so, we create the very first of a long list of protected workshops, in Montreal’s Anjou district.


The first initiative was such a great success that many more workshops were born all over Quebec, including L’Atelier la flèche de fer inc., or AFFI in its acronym version.


Roger Jauvin and Jean-Marie Bouchard (Institut québécois de la déficience intellectuelle) undertake to assert handicapped people’s rights in the workplace. They are assisted in this mission by Roger Pedneault, still to this day, Chairman of the Board for Groupe AFFI Logistique.


Groupe AFFI Logistique obtains an important contrat in set-top box repair, a major step in its growth.


Groupe AFFI Logistique is certified “Adapted Enterprise” and persues its integration mission since, with more than 80% of its staff living with a limitation.


As an important part of Quebec’s social entrepreneurship, we build on everyone’s strengths and potential.

We are keen in maintaining and developing an efficient business model, in order to offer employment and self-surpassing opportunities, both professional and personnal, mainly to people with limitations.

Our values reflect this mission and guide our daily decisions, between us and with our clients.

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