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Passionate about Your Logistics

We are close to 600 employees sharing the same passion: optimization of your logistics. From the reception of your products to their delivery to your customers, our logistic experts quickly seize up your operations to be able to provide you with the best solutions. 

A Range of Specializations at Your Service

Our level of excellence in logistics requires the contribution of several specializations. All these resources work together to carry out the mandates that you entrust us with, in an environment that encourages continuous improvement.

  • Business development advisors
  • Operations Managers and their production teams
  • Teams of professionals in support of operations:
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Accounting
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Quality Control
  • Management team and board of directors

A committed board of directors

  • Pierre Hébert, President
  • Fernand R. Plante, treasurer
  • Mireille Bérichon, secretary
  • Pierre Bariteau, administrator
  • Éric Paulin, administrator
  • Denys Roy, administrator
  • Roger Pedneault, administrator
  • Daniel Perreault, administrator
  • Geneviève Dubé, administrator

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