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Corporate Electronic Devices Repair

A Complementary Expertise at the Service of Your Organization

Several years ago, Groupe AFFI Logistique acquired Digital Solution in order to broaden its offer and properly serve a major client. Most of our work under this banner consists in reparing digital devices under the Samsung brand warranty.

Recognized as an authorized Samsung repair centre, we have all the necessary high definition technological equipment to accurately measure and test your devices. 

To restore your equipment to perfect working order, you can count on the expertise of a dozen technicians, trained by Samsung engineers. 

Stages of a Hardware Repair

01 Reception

Upon arrival, the devices are codified and labelled to ensure their traceability, and the validity of their warranty is confirmed.

02 Inspection

The device is checked out to make sure that its basic features match the manufacturer’s specifications and to confirm the nature of the problem to be corrected.

03 Repair

The defective parts, the operating system, or the software are put back in good working order. 

04 Testing

A second audit of the basic features is performed, to confirm that they comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

05 Quality Control

To ensure that the device is totally safe and ready to use, we run an electric current through the device.

06 Packaging and Shipping

Each unit is individually packaged with care and shipped to its destination by dedicated transportation.

Trust Groupe AFFI Logistique to repair your hardware!