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Once they have been received and adequately prepared, your products are ready for packaging and handling, a step in which Groupe AFFI Logistique is particularly passionate about and recognized.

With its impressive handling team, Groupe AFFI Logistique processes over 370,000 orders per year, without ever compromising the quality of its services.


Should you either be putting together a special promotional offer or packaging parts from different manufacturers, we take charge of the handling of your products to meet your specific need in time.
We are even able to meet your manufacturing needs.

Our employees handle your goods with extreme care at this crucial stage, which is often impossible to mechanize:

Packaging and Assembly

  • Promotional packaging
  • Bagging (clear film, polypropylene, polyethylene)
  • Blister packaging, simple or multiple packaging
  • Addition of retractable shrink wrap
  • Installation of sleeves for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food products

Labelling and Identification

  • Printing of lots, expiry dates, etc.
  • Printing of UPC codes
  • Labelling of nutritional values (to comply with Canadian standards)

Assembly and Disassembly

  • Display units
  • Promotional kits


  • Non-compliance correction
  • Print correction (relabelling)
  • Format change 
  • Packaging change

We are a licensed GMP secondary packager and have ISO 9001: 2015 certification.


To meet your growing needs, Groupe AFFI Logistique has large warehousing space:

  • 250,000 square feet
  • 10,000 pallet spaces

We are ready to accommodate your prospective growth!

Quality Control and Inspection

Before we ship the orders to your customer, we make sure that all elements are present and in good condition, using a rigorous process of control and inspection. 

To ensure top quality work every step of the way, an inspection is performed at the beginning and at the end of the logistics chain. Since Groupe AFFI Logistique also manages return merchandise authorization (RMA), we are doubly motivated to meet your standards of quality!

Focus on your core business and let our experts handle your order packaging. Let’s talk about your needs today!