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Order picking

Groupe AFFI Logistique leaves nothing to chance at the crucial stage of order picking. We know that flawless logistics begins with good inventory management.


Your material, coming from your manufacturer or your factory, is received in one of our secure locations. Our qualified personnel, using state-of-the-art equipment, ensure an execution of impeccable quality.

Your material, in its entirety, arrives on time at its destination!

Inventory Control

At this stage, our staff carefully codify your goods using Tier-One warehouse management software (WMS), in order to:

  • Optimize efficiency of the logistics at every step
  • Save time
  • Have better control of stocks

Using their client access, our partners are able to manage their inventory in real time. We thus act as an effective extension of their company!

Testing and Inspection

Depending on your type of products, it might be necessary to run a test prior to assembly. This is the case for our clients in technology and telecommunication industries for whom we check the proper functioning of devices.

If some devices prove to be defective, Digital Solution, a Groupe AFFI Logistique subsidiary, is responsible for their repair.  

Focus on your core business by entrusting us with your order picking. We’d like to hear about your needs.