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Distribution Logistics

Regardless of your deadline, Groupe AFFI Logistique ensures the timely distribution of your orders to destination.

Order Preparation

The client’s products are picked from our inventory. Orders may be prepared by unit or by pallet. Preparation is made according to our clients’ specifications (packaging type, treatment delay) and the order or package destination.

Transportation Management

Thanks to a network of trusted partners, your products are in good hands. We monitor transportation of your products as soon as they leave our facilities right up to their final delivery.

Whatever your type of shipment or market (B2C or B2B), we select a shipping solution tailored to your needs.


Restocking made according to established rules (FIFO, FEFO) and/or according to client’s specifications.

Think it’s impossible to meet your deadline? 

You would be surprised. We have been solution-oriented for 50 years!

Focus on your core business by entrusting us your distribution logistics. Let’s talk about your needs today!