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Entrust your subcontracting to a Socially Committed Partner

What if it was possible to improve profitability while having a positive social impact? Is it not what every organization would wish for?

It is exactly what Groupe AFFI Logstique offers. Not only do we integrate people with functional limitations, but we draw a large portion of our efficiency from this diversity!

Discover why you should choose Groupe AFFI as a partner, according to Mr. Jacques Roy, Ph.D., a professor and Supply Chain Forum (Carrefour Logistique) Director, Operations and Logistics Department, HEC Montreal.

Social Entrepreneur

Human Resources : our Main Competitive Asset.

Doing business with Groupe AFFI Logistique as a subcontractor also means allowing a large number of workers with limitations realize their potential as employees and citizens. Our employees are so passionate that they make a career out of it! Our proven personnel integration processes contribute to a stable and a superior quality of service, with a specific specialization in handling and packaging.

A Unique Client Commitment

Large and Small, We Do It All… With Care

Thanks to its employees, its significant production capacity and solid business partnerships, Groupe AFFI does not compromise on quality. Through its activities, Groupe AFFI acts in a way as an extension of your company!

Impeccable Quality

50 Years of Expertise

We handle high product volume and we do it quickly and expertly! Using proven methods, we exercise a tight control over quality, which enables us to achieve the high level of efficiency for which we are known. You receive customized service: one of our teams is assigned to your account and meet your specific needs.

Certificates and awards

Excellence at Your Service

  • ISO 9001 : 2015
  • ISO 14001 : 2015 (Saint-Hubert)
  • GMP Secondary Packager Licenses
  • Food licence from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Saint-Hubert and Anjou)
  • « Coup de coeur » Prize, MPA Fair 2019
  • Environmental Policy and R2
  • Quality Policy
  • OHS Policy


SIX Locations to Serve You

A major production capacity such as ours requires space! That’s why we now have six locations in Quebec, including our Head Office located in Boucherville.

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