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Subcontracting: Our expertise working for your company

As your business expands, logistics becomes a major day-to-day challenge. quick growth, workforce, production time pressure and risk management – the list of concerns just keeps growing. What if there was a simple, efficient, cost-effective solution?

That’s exactly what we promise. Groupe AFFI offers industrial subcontracting services, including outsourcing of all production operations, to large Québec companies. You can count on our team’s commitment to your company’s success and growth.

Not just a subcontractor – An extension of your company

Get some peace of mind

Receiving, testing, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, quality control, inspection and shipping: our teams really do it all.

Leverage powerful ERP APIs

Tools that provide a granular picture of operations and projects, with tracking and security.

Minimize risk

Engaging a company that is fully structured to optimize logistics operations also reduces the risks associated with handling and non-mechanized tasks.

Achieve your goals

We understand the importance of meeting volume targets and responding to demand. Our teams work to fulfil your objectives.

A partnership that grows with you

Integrating a new partner doesn’t happen overnight. Step by step, our teams will guide you through a transition and growth management process tailored to your situation and your industry.

The work will conform to Groupe AFFI’s high standards, every step of the way.

50 years of experience, 50 years of excellence

The excellence of our industrial subcontracting services is based on a method that fosters quality and continuous improvement. We rely on collaboration between our teams to promote productivity, prevention and skilful management of unexpected events.

Our employees put their hearts into everything they do. We care about your success as if it were our own. Learn more about our approach.

Integrating a new partner

When a new project begins, our team plans every step:

• Support from our team of industrial engineers
• Training the dedicated team
• Setting up production lines
• Adaptation of tools and workstations
• Bringing in specialized equipment or tools
• Planning loading docks
• Developing a quality assurance process
• Implementation of communication tools with the partner


Throughout the partnership, our team acts as an extension of your business.
We grow with you and offer you personalized support.

• Supply planning
• Manufacturing and assembly
• Testing, inspection and quality control
• Storage, packaging and shipping
• Inventory management
• Coordination of deliveries between warehouses
• Support from our team of industrial engineers
• Adaptation of tools and workstations
• Performance improvement


Our partners’ needs are constantly evolving and we are committed to always offering the best to our customers. Continuous improvement has been part of AFFI Group’s culture since 2011 and to make it happen we invest time both in our teams (Innovation, Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement) and in our systems (MS Business Central).

Subcontract with us so you can concentrate on your core business.