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Subcontracting for the health and pharmaceutical sector

Like us, you’re well aware that a rigorous approach is essential in the pharmaceutical sector. From compliance with standards to obtaining accreditations and maintaining consistent standards, every facet requires attention to detail – even product assembly and handling!

We have the experience and expertise to ensure the quality of the packaging and repackaging of your products.

We have everything you need to support you

Our facilities where health and pharmaceutical activities take place hold an establishment license for packaging and labelling of pharmaceutical products as well as an operating license for natural and homeopathic products. All of our plants are ISO 9001:2015-certified.

A quality-oriented packaging service


Product Repackaging



Product Handling

Clean Rooms with dust-free environment

The best possible compliment – Our customers’ trust

« Working with Groupe AFFI is a pleasure, both for the human contact in our communications and for the professionalism exhibited by the entire team. Groupe AFFI has shown that it is capable of meeting requirements of every kind and delivering on time. With its human approach, Groupe AFFI shows great adaptability and exceptional willingness to solve problems, which enables us to meet the requirements of various clients.

Groupe AFFI is the definition of an outstanding partner, as it is all about teamwork. »

Giovanni Daniele, B.Sc.
Vice-President, Operations

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